Warning from Christ



Let’s talk about Money, Self-Reliance and The Mark

August 24, 2021

(Jesus) “Our topic tonight is Money. Whether you have little or much, money will become a thing of the past swiftly in the days of Tribulation. You WILL be forced at some point to make the decision… Will I take the mark touted by the Anti-Christ and his new administration in order to live, eat and survive? Or will I take the better way? (Revelation 13:16-18)

Let’s look at what each of these decisions will involve… It will seem logical, cool, intelligent, prudent, no big deal, once all the various money systems, coins, currencies are in chaos around the world as the world economies collapse.

The idea is already in the works… take a simple computer chip in the hand or forehead, and Voila! Open a door, turn on a device or pay for a purchase with the wave of your hand. Once the demons disguised as aliens show up, there will be an issue of allegiance, too. So people will be brainwashed into believing that ‘they’ (the Aliens) are real, but ‘they’ are false, and the people will be driven to follow one course or the other.

But the bottom line will be… Follow Me or follow Satan. No matter how convoluted the package appears. I have said before that taking the chip into your body will forever seal your fate.

This is the reason, the chip will contain a demon ‘seed’ that, once it is implanted into your body, will release another DNA into your bloodstream, and this will begin to permanently change and transform your DNA into what was once called a Nephilim. This process cannot be reversed, and will not be forgiven.

This is why I cry out to you NOW to turn to Me, to give your life over to Me before it is too late. Better to be beheaded and join Me in Heaven and eternity, than to be able to purchase a few crumbs to keep you alive one more day.

Rest assured, the powers in charge care not one whit whether you live or die, one way or the other. Their only goal, their only motivation in everything they are doing is to steal, rob, kill and destroy all of humanity, and convert them permanently into citizens of hell. Your life is worth nothing to them, no matter how strong you declare your allegiance to them.

On the other hand, your life is worth everything to Me. I came to the Earth for your sake – I gave My life on the Cross so that you could make the simple step towards Me and be saved.

Use Wisdom, My Friends. Be prudent. Think clearly about these things, and come shelter under My wings. Seek Me and I will be found. Knock and I shall open the door to Eternity to you. Ask, and you will find Salvation, Love, Joy, Peace, and Eternal Happiness once your life is Mine. My love for you is never-ending. All powerful and persuasive. Given freely and without cost. Run now into My open arms.

Do not be an Esau, exchanging your life for a bowl of pottage. Come, My Friends… Come, it’s Me, the King who conquers, the Rescuer of souls… Jesus.”


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