The Antichrist and The New World Order



Is the Antichrist a person or an antichristian principle?

On one hand, the term ‘Antichrist’ describes Satan’s efforts against God = Jesus Christ, His teachings and against Christians in general ever since the death of Jesus. On the other hand, it also describes a ruler during the end times, who is possessed by Satan to such a large degree, that he acts in complete accordance with his will, exercising his power to further Satan’s goals. In a sense, all individuals who follow Satan and act according to his will are antichrists.

When will the Antichrist appear in person?

The end-time Antichrist will appear immediately after the catastrophe from the cosmos. He will gain global influence and power through his promise to provide help, salvation and order during that time of greatest need and chaos. This corresponds to the goal of the strategists of the New World Order… ‘From chaos to order’

Even before the end-time catastrophe from the cosmos, Islam, with its false ‘god’ Allah, proves to be a manifestation of Satan through its rampage against God, Jesus Jehovah, Lord of hosts, and against all Christians. This large-scale persecution by Satan through Islam will be continued in an even worse manner by the end-time Antichrist, shortly after the catastrophe from the cosmos, and all surviving believers will be targeted.

What characteristics and behaviors will the Antichrist exhibit?

An appealing appearance, pomp, great willpower and eloquence, sophisticated dissimulation, occult gifts and promises of material well-being belie the true hard-hearted, relentless and ruthless nature of the Antichrist, enabling him to gain worldwide power (New World Order).

How will the Antichrist hide his true nature?

The Antichrist will be a master of dissimulation, lies, misdirection, deception and profiteering. Occult gifts will support him. He will appear under the guise of someone who can return order, someone pious, empathetic, a veritable bringer of salvation, a helper and savior. However, thanks to his loveliness, arrogance, lust for power, lies, greed for profit and occult abilities, he will be easy to see through.

By what means will the Antichrist gather his followers?

Chaos and distress due to the catastrophe from the cosmos, promises of the Antichrist for restoration of order and a quick recovery of earthly goods and prosperity; all of these are ideal conditions for the Antichrist to gain followers worldwide, thereby establishing his ‘New World Order’ after the natural catastrophe. The spiritual blindness of the population and his occult abilities will help him in this endeavor.

How can Satan’s actions within the Antichrist be recognized?

With the person of the Antichrist, Satan will possess a pawn occupying an adversarial position against God/Jesus. With this, Satan will be able to work thoroughly against God = Jesus Christ, His teachings, Christians, and all faith and righteousness. The spiritually blind followers of the Antichrist will not see through Satan’s actions within him. In this respect, they will support Satan and, therefore, also be possessed by him and his demons. Only convinced and true Christians will recognize his possession by Satan.

How will the people of the world view and judge this person?

The followers of the Antichrist will obey him blindly. They will even see the Messiah in him, who will bring help and salvation. They will cheer, worship and idolize him. In this respect, his followers will unmistakably practice idolatry.

What strategy will he use against believers?

Under the guise of the pious one and the bringer of salvation, the Antichrist will first expand his world domination for about 3 years with a lot of cunning and violence. In this endeavor, gullible and naive Christians will support him as well. Afterwards, he will implement his actual plans inconspicuously.


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