Vengeance Is Mine



Focus on the Second to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) America looks like a failure to the world.

(02) America has resources behind close doors to get through this collapse.

(03) America will fall, but food has been stored for years for weather devastations

and the big earthquake of the Cascadia when it cracks the Earth.

(04) This regime truly wants to control you, and the more fear you have then the more

control they get.

(05) America will walk to freedom.

(06) Freedom has been stolen, but will be returned.

(07) Roe vs Wade should never been accepted and now must be overturned.

(08) You must stand for righteousness, truth, justice, life and liberty.

(09) When it is time for evil to leave the White House.

(10) Victory will not be late.


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