New York City is the main Target



It’s been a long Time coming… New York City is the main Target

Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

December 29, 2020


(Clare) May the Lord impart courage, wisdom and stamina to the intercessors of the world. This past Sunday, during the Lord’s Supper, I saw a nuclear mushroom cloud in the host. I showed it to the community members who were in the room and they saw it clearly as well. It is not unusual for the Lord to allow us to see something significant in the host, when it is very important. When I came before the Lord in prayer, He began…

(Jesus) “New York City. It has been a long time coming, it has been needed for a long time, yet My Heart is sick unto death over the innocent souls who will be casualties. I want you all to pray for the little ones, that they may be quickly snatched up to Me.”

(Clare) Lord, there are many good people in New York City and even Epoch Times.

(Jesus) “The good shall be taken home to Me, others will sleep in the dust of the earth until the final judgment. Pray for all, I wish for none to suffer as they will suffer. Pray that death comes swiftly. There will be betrayals by your own Navy. Evil men with evil designs.”

(Clare) Lord, what about Miami?

(Jesus) “That too will happen, but not in this timeframe. As it is now planned, New York City is the main target. I know what I have said in past times, but arrangements change with circumstances in the framework of time. All that My Father does is fair and just. Clare, this has been a long time coming, a very long time coming. Yet My heart is torn asunder as that moment approaches.

“It is wise that you do not ask for time frames. These are not given, only warnings, because the time ripens with many different events. Yet there are those living among you who are your enemies. They are blinded by doctrines of demons, that is the communist ideology, thinking they are doing mankind a favor by bringing in the reign of atheism. Pray for these to deflect and warn the government. Many things could be quelled by those who turn traitor against the party. Pray for these. Clare, it was not My Heart to bring you such bad news, but you saw the cloud, and that was My sign to you that this is imminent.”

(Clare) What about Washington DC?

(Jesus) “Not yet, right now I want you to pray for two things, the Red Chinese living here in this country to wake up and see that communism does not work in actuality. In theory however, with perfect men, no favored groups or persons, it can work, but men are corrupt, and nothing will work without Me, until I return.

“My people in China, I beg of you, pray for your country and those who have been planted in this land of freedom. Pray for their conversion, so they will not rise up from within and destroy those very ones who have been good to them in this country. Pray for them to encounter Me; that will change everything.”


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