U.S. East Coast Could be SUBMERGED by Tsunami



The entire east coast of the United States (and Canada) could find itself literally under water if the ongoing earthquake swarm in the Canary Islands results in a volcanic eruption and predicted massive landslide.   A Tsunami of 30 to 50 meters would obliterate much of the east coast, killing millions.

Since September 11, an earthquake swarm exceeding 4,222 earthquakes on the island of La Palma, part of the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa, has been rumbling a large, unstable, section of land, the size of Manhattan, New York City.  This slab of land rises 6,000 feet above sea level and is angled sharply downward toward the ocean.

A past volcanic eruption there in 1971 made scientists aware that this slab of land had become terribly unstable, because volcanic vents and tunnels had made their way underneath the land.  Scientists predict that a future eruption could dislodge the slab, sending it crashing into the Atlantic Ocean below, and generating a mega-tsunami. 

Seven hours after the landslide, the US/Canada east coast would be hit with a large tsunami wave, estimated to be at least 30 meters (about 100 feet) tall.

This wall of water would come barreling in to the east coast, obliterating everything in its path: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, all the Florida Keys, and everything in between those cities along the coast.

Worse, after completely flooding-over most of Florida, the Tsunami would continue on its path of destruction into the Gulf of Mexico.   Tallahassee, FL, Mobile, AL, Biloxi, MS, New Orleans, LA would be submerged.  The water would likely go all the way to Baton Rouge.  In Texas, they might lose Houston and everything along the Gulf coast.

If this earthquake swarm continues – and it is showing no sign of stopping, we could live through the worst natural disaster in recorded history.


La Palma eruption live in the Canary Islands, Spain


God created and has power over Nature, and we can pray for God’s mercy.

FEMA should develop a contingency plan to monitor the situation in La Palma Island via satellite, and if the volcanic situation worsens FEMA in cooperation with state agencies should develop an escape plan for Americans to flee the Atlantic coastal areas.

The first action for Americans under potential danger should be to fill their cars with gas, and keep some cash and food at hand.


Volcanic Eruption on Canary Island La Palma: evacuation started

Spain Panic

September 19, 2021


The Canary Islands, Volcanological Institute announced, the eruption on Sunday. Residents of villages near the center of activity, in the area of the Cumbre Vieja, volcanic chain should seek safety, it said.

Videos on social networks showed the eruption, and the thick clouds of black smoke, rising from the volcano. The Spanish broadcaster TVE, also broadcast recordings from the island.

Since last Saturday, more than 4,200 tremors, have been registered in the area, of the Cumbre Vieja volcanic chain, in the south of the island, which are getting stronger, and closer to the surface, said the National Geographic Institute (IGN). In addition, the ground was slightly pushed up in places.


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