Wipe Out!



Focus on the First to the Fourth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) A devastating economic collapse will come like a flood and wipe out the government

you now have.

(02) Picture Thanksgiving Dinner without all the trimmings because of all countless

aborted babies.

(03) A season to be thankful, yet everyone is filled with a blank look because of all

empty shelves. It seems like living in hell!

(04) Fear will grip many, but you My Love will have good and plenty for you walk

in My Love.

(05) You have My Dove and He will see you through even if the table is bare

you will not even care.

(06) This evil government must surely die.

(07) The gold will glitter once again.

(08) You will move away from legal abortions to protect all My creation.

(09) A new era of time! Can you hear the bells ring.

(10) America will once again dine after the crime.

(11) Joe [Biden] will go and never return again. It is the end!

(12) America will shine, as you and I will dine and the world will see how it is set free

for it is her true destiny.


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