Jesus’ Love Letter



Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) Dear heartdwellers, the Lord steadies our hearts, as we investigate the future and what is coming. May He bless you with His peace and the ability to stay focused on Him. Well, it has been a while now, since I have heard from Him and it has been a little frustrating, so today, when I was crying and broke down like a little kid that could not find her mommy or daddy, He came to me very sweetly and began speaking, He said… “Can we talk?” And I said… ‘I am here, Lord.’

(Jesus) “You have no idea of how taxing these past weeks have been. Some of it has been from your curiosity, some of it has been just trying to keep up. Sweet Clare, I will never abandon you, but I do appreciate the offerings you have made of yourself. There has never quite been a time such as this in the history of the world. Do not get tired of hearing that, because it is true. From the dawn of civilization until now, never has there been a time this intense.”

“I am coming to free the world from sin, once and for all. I have done this before, but not for once and for all. We are in the final moments of the times of sin. This will be a glorious planet to live on when I am done, and you will have a right to live here, because you have fought the good fight.”

“There are so many exhausting influences in the world now, not to mention the waves of energy that are deteriorating your overall health, as well as the proximity of evil, as the bastion of Satanism approaches and all dark ones rejoice in what they believe is coming to them. Yes, I have told you before about Nibiru and that it is the habitation of demons, that is why it wreaks havoc.”

“You see, I have placed it far to the outside, for it is a prison planet of sorts for the demonic realm. I could say it better: It is the universal capitol belonging to the dark ones who rebelled against Me, taking one third of the angels with them. They have had their millenniums to work their evil and have oppressed the just ones throughout recorded and unrecorded time.”

“This planet is bringing with it the ultimate darkness in preparation for the final battle, when evils such as these will be confined and destroyed in the lake of fire. Yes, there have been multitudes of civilizations in which they played a role, a major role even. In all truth, even as the Almighty, I have grown weary unto sorrow over the evil conceived by these beings. I am altogether at the point where I only want the righteous ones to rule and reign, bringing justice to the Earth, that all men might live the life I fashioned for them in Heaven.”

“Oh, what beautiful things I have made for My Beloved ones. What creativity, charity, joy and glory I have designed for My Children. But with each civilization, Satan infiltrated and raised up the wicked, perverting men and women to act in blind greed and selfishness. You could not stand to bear one moment of sorrow from what I have seen mankind destroy with wicked intentions to desecrate the earth and cause eternal suffering.”

“Clare, you long to have the time and freedom to sing and play, I long to have a world where one such as yourself has infinite access to all you desire to glorify Me and console My Children. All the things that you have lacked in your life, including twisted behaviors in your nature that are not yet fully healed, all such conditions exist in all My Children, and how I long to have a world where healing drops like ripe fruit from the trees, where healing infuses the soul with one glance, one inhaling of the sweet nectar from this healing fruit of Heaven.”


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