It’s Not Personal



Focus on the Fourteenth to the Twenty Second minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Fasting and praying are very powerful weapons against the enemy.

(02) Perfect peace comes from perfected love.

(03) Do not fear death, it is just a move from the natural to the spiritual realm

(04) The Father loves us without a doubt. It brings joy and comfort to the soul.

(05) When things look really bad we can truly trust in Him.

(06) Evil has no power over our God.

(07) We are truly forgiven from our sins so we can feel comfortable in our soul, not guilty.

(08) Love is the ultimate power in the universe, and when you connect to God’s true love nothing can steal it from you.

(09) You must believe Jesus died on a cross to take away your sins from you.

(10) The disciples were able to go through anything because they believed in the love of God and knew that the suffering of this world did not compare to the Glory of God revealed in us.

(11) All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

(12) You can only operate in the Kingdom of God through Jesus who washes us clean for the Holy Spirit to enter into our temple.

(14) It is time and are you ready for this economic woe. It is time to watch and see how I am turning America back to Me.

(15) You will see evil walk away. It is time to pray for a better day.

(16) The collapse of the economy, an anomaly, for all to see and for evil to flee. It is America’s true destiny.

(17) Watch and see that evil plans will fail.

(18) Evil will not stand. This has been my plan from the start.

(19) The government that will takeover will have My heart speaking about truth and justice.

(20) The light of My son will shine once again, and the world will see true justice is My plea.


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