Christ Warns About War and Repentance


You are on the Brink of War…

Are you ready to meet Me?

May 26, 2016


Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

(Clare) Dear Heartdwellers, please pray that ears would be opened to this message and souls would respond to the Lord’s appeal while there is yet time. After worship, and before I could even ask the Lord what was on His heart and mind tonight, He began…

(Jesus) “War is surely coming to this land. If not tomorrow, another day in the not so distant future. Bear with Me as I must be vague, things are not decided. I know many of you have been waiting on bated breath for news. I know others of you have grown weary and deaf, not expecting anything soon.”

“And I must repeat to you… your minutes are being measured out to you. Minute by minute the decision to hold off is being made. But one of these minutes will be fateful and the annihilation of millions will take place.”

“Are you ready to meet Me, My people and My Brides? Are you truly ready to stand before Me? Many of you have been prepared for months and even years.”

“Others have put off their conversions. Some have back-slidden and taken up arms against My Body, cutting the nets open and letting the catch go back to an uncertain fate in the wild and hostile currents of this ocean of humanity.”

“Some came close to Me but were pushed away by the behavior of so-called Christians. They see less backbiting and bitterness in the New Age movement than amongst Christians. And they want nothing to do with it.”

“Others have fallen away because of pressure from their families. Yet I hold out hope that their commitment to Me will stand in that moment when they are ushered into eternity. But each of you are responsible for your own salvation, at the very least. I will not speak of those who declaim against My Body, but they will have a heavy price to pay.”

“For now I am addressing those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Are you ready to meet Me? Much of the reason the Father has held back His wrath is because you are NOT ready. I am sending out a warning call! You are very close to oblivion… meaning, you are very close to being removed from this world in a violent and sudden war, and you will be left in darkness until the judgment.”

(Clare) I thought to myself… ‘Wow…that’s 1,000 years from now.’

(Jesus) “That’s correct. For over a thousand years they will sleep in the dust of the Earth, while those who were prepared will be with Me in Heaven. During that time, those who are called to the judgment will have been separated from loved ones, children, parents and other beloved souls who gave their lives to Me. They will be in Heaven and you will be waiting in the dust of the Earth and the depths of the sea. Are you ready to meet Me?

“Are you ready to give an accounting for your soul, your life, what you did and didn’t do? I am warning you, dear souls… as much as I love you, I cannot make you love and serve; I cannot make you do anything. I cannot fill in the blanks where your performance as a so-called Christian did nothing to reflect Me living in you. You may well hear the most dreaded words at the end of your long wait… ‘Depart from Me you workers of iniquity, you lawless ones, for I never knew you.’ Then you shall go with the devils into the Lake of Fire.”

(Clare) I asked the Lord what He meant by ‘lawless’.


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