Safe Heavens


Holy Spirit’s Message

(01) The Safe Havens are places to stay so you will not dismay.

(02) They will have flowers and beautiful views of the hills, the mountains and the planes where the bride will remain.

(03) Until the harvest time is right and He comes like the thief in the night.

(04) Fruit trees and maple syrup that grows of the precious land and cattle and deer and turkeys in abundance for all my children.

(05) Who are willing to give up their lives for the Kingdom. They have Godly wisdom and will walk away from this world and will go up in the world.

(06) You must believe and become part of these communities, where you will have all the annuities.

(07) They will ascend and meet Christ in the air.

(08) Not all will dare.

(09) You all will be part of the body as each member does its purpose and will never feel worthless.

(10) Look at the picture and see the beauty of all nature pictures the Father created so we can be free and walk with Him in the garden.

(11) And look at the ray of colors so exquisite you cannot even believe your eyes but you can see your heart will agree He made it all for you and for all to see.

(12) He is one with love and shares it to His children so we can be fulfilled.

(13) Look around and smell the roses. Keep your heart guarded from evil so you do not walk in all the upheaval.

(14) Stay focused on all the beauty you were intended to be part before an enemy came to stab us from the gift of love. He comes to steal, he is the thief.

(15) Build your Safe Havens meant to sustain and keep us together in all kinds of weather.


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