Petrus Romanus, October 2, 2021 (Part 01)


Dearest People of the World,

Peace be to you!

I know the last three years have been very difficult for everyone. We, in Australia have been chastised during these three years, starting with the drought and a couple of years ago great dryness of the land – the worst in history – with fireworks and burned property, which was very dangerous.

Then early in the year we received the vast floods and the following year the Virus, which has damaged Australian businesses, the economy and people themselves. This has caused unemployments of over 2-million people, out of a population of 27-million and because we are an island, we have lost overseas industries, visitors, and 1-million young students. Even when the Virus is contained, it will take many years to build up the Australian economy.

But in effect, what is it doing to the Australian way of life and the economy of the world – and where are we heading?

The Australian faith in God has disappeared and people are dependent upon the Vaccination against the Virus for their safety. But the Vaccinations, which are: – ModernaPfizerAstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – are the wrong Vaccinations, which kill people in the long run, weakening human resistance and making more people susceptible to all other Viruses and infections.

The Vaccine is deadly. The safe treatments are the – Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine – (which has been used safely in the Medical Profession for over 60 years) – and should be used, but the Government has forbidden the use of it. They know that the current Vaccines are detrimental to humans and big money plays a major part in it.

This is the remedy you must use and more so, the remedy of Our Lady is the true one. But what is more important is that the world is preparing for the Third World War, which will be the final trial for mankind, before they submit to God. The world is living in its last years before the world gets cleansed and Jesus Returns to the world within 10 years or so.

So what are we waiting for? The shambles in the Middle East – namely that Israel will be bombed; the Middle East will be at war with Western Europe by invading Spain, France and Italy, where war will break out. Russia will invade Europe and China will take over Hong Kong and Taiwan and invade all the East. The Vatican will be invaded by Communist forces, flying the Communist flag over the Vatican. Pope Benedict will flee into a neighboring country and will be martyred.


Click the following link to retrieve the article “The WAR is getting CLOSER!”

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