Petrus Romanus, October 2, 2021 (Part 05)


The events that are to be fulfilled in the coming years, starting with the invasion of Spain, Portugal and France by the Muslims; the Atomic attack of Israel and the Nuclear attack from Iran upon Israel, using the Atomic Bomb.

France will have a civil war; Germany and Poland will be attacked by Russia and Russia will attack Italy by taking over the VaticanPope Benedict will flee and die in a foreign country.

China will take over Hong Kong and Taiwan and attack Japan. North Korea will attack South Korea.

China will attack India and every Middle Eastern country of Malaysia, Indonesia and the U.S.A. The U.S.A. will be invaded by Russia and ChinaAfrican countries and South American countries will fight each other. When the world is at war, Satan will, stop the wars, but then the Great Warning will come.


These are unfolding war events and Satan and entail satanic forces in broad operation. Satan will stop the wars, and then the Great Warning will come. Events are accelerating and time to Christ Second Coming is shortened.

Click the following link to retrieve the article “Events Accelerating and Time Shortened”.

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