Prophecy Concerning the Canary Islands


A message from Jesus Christ to both John Leary and Luz De Maria on the 22nd of July and the 10th of May, 2021. This prophecy concerning the Canary Islands has come true!


An increasing number of people are relating prophetic dreams of a huge tsunami originating in the Canary Islands and submerging the US Eastern Coast.

The potential Tsunami would be a Chastisement for the atrocious sins of abortion and infanticide.

Planning to put people on Mars, America should rather plan and dedicate resources to end abortion and infanticide to appease God’s wrath and prevent mega tsunamis.

Denial is the generalized response to the announcement of a potential mega catastrophe. We should make penance for murdering defenseless preborn and young children and develop a contingency plan to handle the potential catastrophe.

It is pathetic and unfortunate Ivory Schools graduates denial of God’s omniscience about life beginning at conception and women choice of their body, while Modern Science clearly supports God’s position.


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