Biden Could Decline Quickly


‘Very real possibility’ Biden could decline quickly

USA commander and chief could be inept to cope with WWIII’s imminent breakout


Sky News Washington Correspondent Annelise Nielsen says there is a “very real possibility” US President Joe Biden could decline quickly.

“I have to say, for someone watching this day in, day out, it’s not something to discount,” she told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“We do know he’s quite advanced in age and that doesn’t mean that it precludes you from doing the job but there’s definitely at least a bit of cause for concern among the general populace.”


It follows excerpts of the article “Petrus Romanus, October 7, 2021“.

Russia is ready to make a move towards the free world in France, Germany and the Northern Countries. Prepare yourselves, dear children. Pray to the Nine Choirs of Holy Angels and especially the Angel of each country, because dark days are approaching. December 8th is a very special day for the world, because mankind will realize that time is running out, because mankind cannot change the coming events, where you will see the world covered with bloodshed by many people.”

“The Antichrist is in Rome ready to take over. It is not the full time as yet, because the world must be at war first.”

“There are hundreds of Messages now, because I have given the world one last look at themselves to realize where they are at. Prepare, My children, your places and Communities in the world, because very serious times are heading your way.”

“To My beloved children of Taiwan: fear not the days and months ahead – even if China threatens your existence, because many of you have given yourself to My Divine Countenance and even though your may be taken over, trust in My Love for you, because your connection to China, even though put asunder, will be rescued. Have Holy Rosary Groups formed and pray for China, because China will become the scourge of all of Asia. Pray hard, because the U.S.A. will come, but it will be battered itself from China, bringing great suffering to the people of the U.S.A.”


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