Close to Collapse



Focus on the seventh to the tenth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) We win the game in Jesus’ name.

(02) We commend Roe vs Wade to stop killing babies.

(03) We walk through the doors of our White House . . . no doubt.

(04) We will control every endeavor.

(05) We look to Heaven for answers because we trust in God’s Wisdom despite all mobs.

(06) We will bend our knees again thanking the Father for the keys of the

Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

(07) Yes, it is truly a new birth!

(08) We will see joy and peace in our country and the world will know we follow the Bible.

(09) All evil will be liable . . .

(09) Take this warning of the collapse that is occurring.

(10) Build the Safe Havens.

(11) People will wait there for the Rapture.

(12) Freedom at last from all our past and wee will know that it was worth the struggle

to be with our Lord for all the trouble.

(13) Take the precious gold and silver and build the Safe Havens.

(14) The countdown is on until the bell rings the alarm.

(15) The shelves will be bare, but you will not scare.

(16) It is all in the plan for America’s redemption from all this evil interruption.

(17) Free at last, the evil regime will be in the past.

(18) The gold and the silver will shine brighter than before because the Lord is at the door.


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