No Presents To Spare But We Don’t Care



Focus on the Second to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

Note: The whole video is paramount, but I usually cover only the divine message.

(01) America, you went astray, but you are returning to the Father.

(02) Saving the babies makes the Father’s heart rejoice.

(03) The babies will have a voice. [Roe vs Wade overturned]

(04) America received the blessings of Heaven.

(05) Evil had its day, evil will pay and the Lord will not delay.

(06) Christmas is focused on the Lord, no one should be bored because

the gifts have been taken away.

(07) We worship the Son and we are waiting for Him to come,

and take us away from this decay.

(08) We will continue to build Safe Havens.

(09) Look at the bare shelves. This Christmas there will be no helves to distribute the gifts.

(10) Evil will be adrift as America scrambles to stand on her feet.

(11) The government is through.

(12) All looks so blue. Time to love one another as sister and brother.

(13) Work to restore all the damage done through the mismanagement.

(14) Know God’s plan has been done and His Kingdom has won.


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