Brace For Impact



Focus on the First to the Fifth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Collapse is happening . . . product cannot get to the consumer.

(02) There will be lack like never before, so brace yourselves for impact.

(03) It must shake your government to the core so evil will leave.

(04) I am involved in all this for I have plans to use it for My glory.

(05) Make sure you have done your shopping.

(06) Businesses will collapse during this time and many will shed many tears.

(07) A owe is a owe, don’t you know?

(08) It will also snow and you will see the weather act strange and unexplained.

(07) Rebuke all evil that is causing all this upheaval.

(08) Steadfast in Christ’s name, it is part of this game.

(09) Evil has planned all this out, there is no doubt.

(10) Christ is the one with the fame.


The Twelve Predictions

(01) It is going to be a time for healing.

(02) Democrats an Republicans will work together.

(03) America will shine because evil has been thwarted.

(04) The gold and the silver will rise so high we will be surprised.

(05) Blacks and Whites will finally embrace from place to place.

(06) Trump will be back and put America back on track.

(07) The shelves will be bare, with nothing to spare but peace will come across the land.

(08) Freedom of Faith, it will be God’s grace.

(09) No more masks, getting the shot will no longer be the task.

(11) Prayer will be welcome everywhere.

(12) There will be revival, there will be no denial.

Note: I recommend you watch the video to its end.


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