It’s Not Whatever You Believe



The Almighty Father gives us a poem from the second to the sixth minute of the video and a message from the sixth to the eleventh minute.

The poem has some key phrases: (a) Society messes up, (b) Nobody knows what to do, (c) Evil got bold and has destroyed us, (d) Satan and demons will go to hell, (e) Christ is the way, the truth and the life and (f) Truth, Justice and the American Way will come back to stay.

Message Highlights

(01) What you believe can be a lie.

(02) There is so much deception . . . no one knows what to believe anymore.

(03) What I tell you My People is the truth.

(04) You must discern whether or not I am speaking.

(05) You know them by their fruits.

(06) Tell them the collapse is happening and they will be lacking.

(07) They need to be patient while all this is going on because it will save America from

the evil regime.

(08) No time to fear, stop listening to all evil reports.

(09) Mankind is not being destroyed by this evil shot.

(10) My wrath upon the Earth will eliminate evil and those who decide to follow Lucifer


(11) The time will come when many will fall prey to the Earth [catastrophies].

(12) The world will say mother nature is angry and will blame on everything they can.

(13) Truth is my indignation is coming, but it has not begun yet.

(14) When my indignation pours down, you will be behind close doors [Safe Havens].

(15) Without the leading of My Holy Spirit you will be lost.

(16) You must seek truth and not just believe everything you hear.

(17) Evil lies and will continue to push his agenda on society, and fear goes along with that.

(18) It is a time to truly trust Me as your Father and your God.

(19) Be not afraid because Christ has overcome the world and victory is ours.

(20) You must discern and anything contrary to my word is false.

(21) Contrary means the opposite of what I say.

(22) You will see many miracles and supernatural events during these times.

(23) Focus on the tasks at hand and stand against the wiles of the devil.

(24) Your President Trump will be back, just stay on track.

(25) Truth is truth, there is all the proof.

(26) Freedom will reign again. It is something to defend.


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