Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History



You PREPARED or Sitting on the Fence?

END of the WORLD!!


I have followed Bo Polny, sometimes with Lois Vogel-Sharp, but I never commented his superior posts, without ensuring realizing if their were public or private. I present this post because I deem it public.

A former physician, Bo Polny is God’s time analyst. He has a keen biblical perception in event cycles. He is the main guest of many shows, where he often presents many slides of cycles.



(01) The system is about to blow and His glory is about to show.

(02) God has times and seasons, and planned the current world thousands of years ago;

nothing is random.

(03) We are God’s greatest generation, and must prepare for Christ Second Coming.

(04) Gold and silver, God’s money, will rise to prepare God’s Kingdom.

(05) The Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History is about to happen.

(06) You will not participate in the transfer if you do not have gold and silver.

(07) What started in November 2020 ends in November 2021.

(08) November 2021 is the pivotal year.

(09) Gold Rush and Silver Fever begin in November 2021.

(10) “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine,” declares the Lord.


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