Peter The Great Thunder Earthquake



Simona Patalano and Angela Fabiani


Dear children, thank you for being here in My blessed forest to welcome Me and to respond to this My call. Beloved children, I love you, I love you immeasurably, and if I am still here, it is so out of the immense love that the Father has for each of you. My children, hard times await you, times of pain and tribulation. Children, tonight also I am asking you to pray for My beloved Church, increasingly besieged by the Ancient Enemy, who wants to destroy It. Children, do not be afraid, the forces of evil will not prevail, stay united and pray. Little children, I have been here among you for a long time, and every time I am asking you for prayer, I am asking you to listen to me. make your life a constant prayer. Learn to thank God for all that He gives you, pray to Him. Do not reduce your prayers only to requests, but learn to thank. Then Mum said: Look, daughter. My mother showed me St. Peter in Rome. The basilica door was closed and a large crowd of people stood outside. They spoke different languages ​​and argued among themselves. My daughter, pray a lot for my beloved Church, pray that the true Magisterium of the Church will not be lost. Pray, children! At one point, there was something like a huge thunder and then an earthquake. My mother unfolded her mantle, which became enormous, covered it the whole Church, and peace returned. Then she stretched her arms over the present in Zaro pilgrims and prayed over them. She blessed everyone: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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