The Door Will Shut


(01) Roe vs Wade is about to be overturned in the Supreme Court with Texas

fighting for the life of the Unborn.

(02) This is the critical move against the judgment on our land.

(03) The hand of the Father will be hold as He allows the different states to continue

to make choices in either accepting the evil sacrifice or standing up and

taking a stand.

(04) The Father will then bring judgments to the cities and states that follow the enemy,

but America will be spared for the highest court in the land sided with

the right to life.

(05) Evil will topple as the economy crashes and America will start over again for she has

given the way out of the right to murder My babies.

(06) Watch and see how the economy just blows up, and victory is Mine in your land.

(07) Evil will no longer take its stand, and freedom will come back to all who fell to

their knees during the fall.

(08) Judgment will continue across the world, but America will not be part of it all.

(09) She will stand high above the nations even though Satan tried to disgrace Her.

(10) Freedom will ring once again, and evil will no longer wear its grin.

(11) The Red Sea moment . . . it was God who chose it and called out the mission of mercy

to the Unborn who had no say . . . God chose the day.

(12) The Warriors and the Kingdom will see their crowns, because of it

America will not drown.

(13) It is a great day of celebration to all the nations, even though on bended knee

it truly is the victory.

(13) I say Alleluia for you and me!

(14) Love from up above, Father, Son and Dove.


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