The Fruit Is Ripe


I am about to shake the Tree violently, for the Fruit is ripe


November 18, 2021 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) ‘Lord Jesus, please give us Your Heart for the lost, along with endurance to run our race to the end… Amen.’

After feeling so distant from the Lord, I went to my special books that I only go to when I am really having a problem, and what do I open to? ‘The Rapture!’ The moment I saw that, my heart fell, and I felt sick, and I realized I am upset that the Rapture has not happened yet. Interesting, I had not really acknowledged that, it was under the surface. So, I am upset about the Rapture, waiting, and waiting and nothing. Lord, does it not say in Your word that a cloud that brings no rain is a disappointment? And Jesus replied immediately…

(Jesus) “Are you angry with Me?”

(Clare) ‘I am hurt and tired, but I love You, and I know there are others you want to save. Oh, I cannot hide anything from You. I am disheartened.’

(Jesus) “Could that have anything to do with our ‘communication block’? Could it be that you are blocking Me out of insecurity, lying spirits, or feeling lost?”

(Clare) ‘Yes Lord, I feel very lost. Downright depressed.’

(Jesus) “You are not a false prophet; you are just impatient. My heart is broken in two for these souls and you want the first flight out of Dodge. You are tired, you are spent, you are disappointed with Me.”

(Clare) ‘Oh Lord, that is terrible. I do not ever want to be disappointed with You.’

(Jesus) “You cannot hide it from Me.”

(Clare) ‘I know, I am heartsick and selfish.’

(Jesus) “Thank you for recognizing that.”

(Clare) ‘I am sorry that I am this way.’

(Jesus) “Well, what are we going to do about it?”

(Clare) ‘I do not know; the hurt is deep. I do not want to be this way, I just am…’

(Jesus) “…Human? Yes, you are just human, Clare.”

(Clare) ‘Oh, so human. And I hate being human. I want to be your faithful spouse, cheering us on as we run our last course together, not a pouting old couch potato.’

(Jesus) “I understand.”

(Clare) ‘I am so disappointed, disillusioned…’

(Jesus) “But I sent you the story about the slight delay, My Father granted Me.”

(Clare) ‘Lord, I do not want to feel this way, it is fatal disappointment. Please take it away. Please. I want to be supportive of whatever You desire, not selfishly wanting a ticket out of here.’

(Jesus) “Well, at least now we have got it out in the open.”

(Clare) ‘Yes, thank you. It sure is ugly. But Ezekiel is feeling it too.’

(Jesus) “Clare, My whole Body is feeling it, not just you two. And if you think for one moment that I am not feeling it, well, you are wrong. Not just the sin that continues troubles Me, but especially the torture of innocent children. I long to have you in Heaven with Me, I truly do. Let it suffice for now that we write love letters back and forth to one another. But My heart is still longing to hold you in My arms and whisper… ‘Well done…’

“This is a trial for Me as well, Beloved. I do love you; I do miss you, and I want all of this to be over with, but so many souls hang in the balance in this hour. We have already done so much to get their attention, but it has not had the desired result. Changes in the earth and the sky will be an aid to getting their attention.

“Yet, My Mercy has held back some of the worst things that should have happened by now. There is a balance I must consider, not only in terms of fulfilling Scripture and punishing the sinful, but the dynamics between nations is also headed towards fulfillment.

“My People, My Brides, do not think for one moment that this delay and these trials are easy for Me. Though I weep copious tears for those unjustly kidnapped, tortured and murdered, though I weep for those who are perpetrating these crimes against humanity, and long to save them, though I see the total exhaustion of My Brides every day, I must do all I can to save as many as I can. It is costing Me dearly…


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