Places of Refuge



A Message from Mary

Gisella Cardia


My children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. My children, I ask you not to follow the false lights of the world: this is not how you will come out of the darkness, but by having the greatest trust in God. He will protect you — do not be afraid. Prepare your refuges, especially in your homes. Pray for the Church, which will be destroyed and then reborn. Jesus is close to you. Believe the words of a Mother: everything will be wonderful, and this will be a rebirth for you and for the world.


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  1. Johnson Carvalho says:

    Now want to give a revelation from the diary of Divine Mercy which clearly points to the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ even logically with using your common sense.Here now I present the three prophciies given by Our Lord Jesus to sr Faustina which are fulfilled and how they are pointing to His coming.The first prophecy is in diary No,378. Which prophciies about the two phases of the devotion of Divine Mercy which was fulfilled in the span of 80 yrs from 1938-2018.The devotion of Divine Mercy began in 1938 but was completely ban in 1958 a span of 40 yrs which the diary no 378 calls a dormant phase or turbulent phase.The second phase in which the banned was lifted by Pope John Paul the second who was prophised in the diary a spark from Poland who will take this devotion of Divine Mercy to the whole world and prepare the world for my final coming was fulfilled as the devotion of Divine Mercy has gone to the whole world.The second phase from 1978-2018 which is also 40 yrs was predicted by Our Lord Jesus as a Splendor of the Church period was fulfilled by none other than the spark from Poland Pope John Paul the second. Now the third prophecy is very crucial pointing to the timeline bringing us to the conclusion of how close we are to Our Lord’s coming.In the diary No.1146 of the Divine Mercy Our Lord Jesus had revealed to sr Faustina that before His coming as a Just King first He will Open the Wide Door of Mercy for His chosen Bride which was fulfilled in the year 2015-16 when Pope Francis declared a special Jubilee year opening all the doors of mercy in the whole world.The history of the Jubilee year began in the 13 th century by opening a selected Church in Rome whose door was kept closed for 24 years and opened every 25 yrs and was kept open for 365 days known as a Jubilee year.In the year 2000 was the last Jubilee year when Pope John Paul the second opened the door of mercy in the Vatican which has been followed for 7 centuries.But never in the Church history was opened any other door of mercy beside that selected Church.In the year 2015-16 Pope Francis under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit announced a Special Jubilee year and opened the Wide Door of Mercy which was prophised by Our Lord Jesus Christ in the diary No.1146 as a clear indication of His coming as a King of Mercy giving His Bride the last hope of Great Mercy as the awful day the day of Justice is near as revealed to sr Faustina in the diary No 965. Now it’s just a common sense for us to think logically if the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ is somewhere after 25 to 50 yrs or more there was no need of such a haste on the part of Pope Francis of announcing a Special Jubilee before time as the last jublee year was in 2000 the next Jubilee year to be in 2025 and no need of opening all the doors of mercy in the whole world but only the one door of mercy in Rome as previously done by other popes carrying out the old tradition.But to my own understanding that the year 2025 will be the year in which we Will experience the true Jubilee year in which Our Lord Jesus Christ will literally set the whole universe free from the bondage of the evil one the Satan bringing the triumph of the Church as prophised in the diary of Divine Mercy No.378. When this triumph comes We Shall Already Have Entered The New Life In Which There Will Be No Suffering.

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