Sudden Destruction Is Coming


Warning for America… Sudden Destruction is coming, be ready


December 16, 2021 – Info from Sister Clare & Message from Jesus and Mary

(Clare) Dear Jesus, please keep us in Your peace and help our beloved Heartdwellers to stay calm and deep in prayer, connected, and may we trust You to provide and protect us.

(Mother Mary) “Yes, weeping is in order. Your country will be in complete shock, not understanding what is happening to them. There will also be many surprises. Prepare your people’s hearts. What is coming is horrendous. Many will lose their faith; many will gain their faith and turn from their evil ways. Others will become even more evil. It is time for those on the fence to make their decision. Things will only get worse from here on out. They need to know where they stand as many different decisions will have to be made.

“There will be much mourning and utter lostness. However, the government knows exactly what is to happen and they are prepared to step in and take over, including internment camps, for your protection and provision, of course. Warn your people not to go there unless they know that God is calling them to minister there. Many saints will arise during this time. Oh, how Jesus dreads this. You still have a little time. Use it well. Yes, short wave radio communications are important. It will not be easy to find out all that is happening in the world.”

(Jesus) “I will guide you. I want you all to be My people of peace and faith. Others will recognize something is different, that is when you tell them that I am taking care of you, and I will also take care of them, if they give their lives to Me.”

(Clare) In the spirit I saw many Saints. And I asked: ‘Why are you all here?’ The answer was… “To encourage you, Clare, because truly, what is coming will overwhelm everyone. Please tell them to not run to and from in panic. Withdraw to a quiet place and pray. Pray as a family, together. Know that the Lord will be in your midst. Fear not and pray.”

(Mother Mary) “Clare, times of war are horrendous. Everything you rely on being stable and in order comes into question. Life is violated, stability is taken away, confusion reigns. This is when the enemy wants to steal your soul through fear and panic. You make decisions based on your perception of how to survive. This is why prayer and retreating into peace and calm to seek His (Jesus) face is your very best option.”

(Clare) ‘None of this makes sense considering the tasks I have been asked to complete.’

(Mother Mary) “You will understand these things very soon. We are trying to prepare you so that you will prepare others. Continue on with what you have been given to do. Do not slack off on anything, stay busy and prayerful, and keep watch.

“All of you Heartdwellers, you are all watchmen on the wall, go and tell your relatives what is about to happen, do not be afraid to receive scorn and rejection as your portion, knowing that if they will not listen to you, it is because they would not listen to me. Those who listen will be far better off than those who refuse.

“Be prepared, through prayer, thanksgiving, worship and steadfast love. Do not allow the enemy to sow doubts about what is going on. You know much more because you were listening. But most have not been listening.”

(Clare) Then I saw a torch, and I heard…

(Mother Mary) “You will light the way for many. The ones who have not been preparing, will be befuddled and confused. Your torch will shine on their darkness and bring peace. Your songs may even be involved in this.

“We have given you this message with a very small window of time for others to be prepared. If you live in California, and you are not called to die in the earthquake, it would be wise for you to leave, NOW. However, do what is in your heart and your conscience before God, because the Lord guides from inside your heart, as well.”


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