Make America Repentant Again


Warning from Jesus… America, repent!

Your Sins are endless, and Tragedy is at the Door


March 15, 2021 – Message from Jesus thru Sister Elisabeth

(Elisabeth) My precious family, the Lord has been very seriously asking us to pray for our nation day after day.

(Jesus) “There is one thing that will hold back the very worst of what can happen in America, and that one thing is repentance. You and other prophets have consistently called for repentance, but your cries have not reached the President’s ears. Those cries are for him to lead national repentance for the sins of your former governments, the sins of the people, and the sins of the military. Long and hard I have cried out to America to repent. Much is being done to undo the horrendous crimes against children and humanity, but I still need repentance on a much grander scale. If it is not forthcoming, what you have seen will come to pass.

“It is not enough to announce… ‘Make America great again’, I have asked you to ‘Make America repentant again’. Unless this repentance is modelled on a national level, unless it is modelled on a personal level, the plan still remains to humble this nation. Understand, men in power… This nation has committed atrocities beyond belief, not only to its own, but to those countries that they wanted to manipulate. The blood from these countries still cries out to Me and still I have not heard the sounds of weeping and repentance for these atrocities. The whole nation will suffer because of them if you do not heed My call.

“What you have done to other countries will fall back upon your own heads, unless there is true repentance. I am asking you to institute a day of national repentance, a day of fasting, weeping, and reparation for the sins of your nation.

“I stand ready to show you mercy, America, but I am still waiting for you to recognize and repent of the sins of your nation. In this moment, only repentance on a grand scale can change what is soon to happen to you…

“The sins of Ho_ywood that have gone unchecked and have formed the minds and consciousness of the young, promoting violence, se_ual immorality, divorce, materialism…

“The sins of ab_rtion that have been allowed, making My babies an item of food, like cattle…

“The sins of the military that has committed atrocities against mankind.

“The sins of a society which has placed material gain above parental guidance and left their children to the state to raise.

“The sins of the agencies that have been corrupted and betrayed children and families, turning over the compromised to unscrupulous se_ traders…

“The sins of the police and judicial system that have been bought off, so these c_imes could go by untouched by the justice system…

“The sins of corporate entities that have stolen, poisoned and cheated the peoples of the world in order to control and reap gain off the poorest of the poor.

“America, your sins go on and on without end. Only a massive wakeup call will turn your heads around. Even then, those of you, who will insist, that the truth is buried in the sand, while millions around you suffer from unjust policies, how am I to release you from your indebtedness to humanity?

“How am I to overlook your crimes and pass them off? How am I to excuse you of these things, when repentance is still a foreign concept to you? In truth, I cannot. Judgment must come. If only you would have listened to Me, crying out to you to repent of your ways, months and even years ago.

“Do not say… ‘Make America great again’, rather say… ‘Make America repentant again’ and then I will hear your prayers to forestall the tragedy that is about to overtake you.”


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