Always Be Ready to Fight with Heaven


Message from Jesus to Gisella Cardia on January 2, 2021


My daughter and my sister, thank you for welcoming me into your heart. My daughter, in those times when you saw despair, death and calumny around you, did you perhaps have thought that you had been abandoned by me?

You are always ready to complain, yet I have consoled you many times and you have never noticed it and not only have I given you important teachings, but you also have not paid attention.

Children and brothers, God awaits you in love and joy, I have helped you think, I have tested you every holy day and you have not always reflected. What peace and joy I would like to give to these hardened hearts?

I would like you to think, but how many times have I asked for your hands to lead you towards calm waters and instead you preferred the storm believing you could solve everything without my help, but remember that I only am the Way, the Truth and the Life and only I can help you, if only you would really trust me.

There is only me who can hold your hand when you ask me for help with all your heart and it is again I who can give you the consolation you deserve when you feel lonely.

My children, my time is at hand, enter the Ark of the Covenant, of peace, of love and of fellowship, only in this way will you be able to weather the coming storm.

I have taught you a lot of things during this time and perhaps by calmly re-reading my words you will be able to understand My Will, I want to see you all enter my Kingdom.

Now I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, always be ready to fight with Me, my Angels, my Archangels and my Most Holy Mother and we can overcome absolute evil and open the doors of infinite good.

Your dear Jesus


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