What I Want You To Do



The Almighty Father will free America in the Year 2022.

His glory will shine across the land.


Summary of the interval Two to Three minutes.

(01) Keep your eyes on the stock market.

(02) You are about to see an unusual move.

(03) The crash at last will send off a blast.

(04) The ones who have kept the gold and the silver will feel bold.

(05) As their rise will happen quickly.

Summary of the interval Seven to Thirteen minutes.

(01) There is going to be an earthquake in Costa Rica.

Note: Costa Rica is in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama.

(02) Severe winter storm is going to cripple New York City.

(03) Ice storms will surface everywhere causing real despair.

(04) The cotton industry will be decimated.

(05) Peace on Earth is gone until the return of My Son.

(06) San Francisco, California, will have an earthquake. it is guaranteed,

you cannot change it even if you plead.

(07) Locusts will be back.

(08) Windstorms will become more prevalent.

(09) Tsunamis here, tsunamis there . . . not much life will be spared.

(10) The [financial] collapse will create a synapsis.

Note: Riots will occur on the streets, because EVIL will know its defeat,

and then Americans will unite, what I [GOD] want you to do,

to overcome the prevailing stock market crash and financial collapse.

(11) People will wonder why.


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