The Great War Is Coming



“The Great War is Coming”


Anguera Brazil

December 16, 2021


“Dear children, do not let a demon rob your peace and distract you from the path I have shown you. Bend your knees in prayer. You are heading for a painful future. A great war will come, and only those who love the truth will endure steadfast in faith. Brave ones. soldiers in cassocks will fight to defend the one and only Church of My Jesus (Catholic Church), and the pain will be great for My worshipers. I suffer because of what is coming on you. Seek strength in sincere prayer, in Confession and in the Eucharist. Those who they listen to My appeals, they will experience a great victory. Forward, without fear! I love you and I will always be with you! This is the message I am giving you today in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing Me to meet you one more time here. I bless you: in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain in peace.”


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