Voices crying out in the Wilderness


You are Voices crying out in the Wilderness!…

Stay strong in Him

Message from Mother Mary


January 6, 2022 – Message from Mother Mary thru Sister Clare

(Clare) So, at the beginning of this meeting, we were talking about the huge missile (rocket) that is circling the Earth. We do not know what is up with the Russians, as well as several other things that are very threatening. So, I came into prayer, and I said… ‘Blessed Mother, my heart is suspended, oh God, have mercy!’

(Mother Mary) “This is the prayer. Continue in Mercy, cry out for Mercy, whisper it in His ear, let it continue to cry out with every heartbeat, for the hour of greatest Mercy is upon us. All those who sincerely pray for mercy, shall receive mercy.

“These events are something, My Son doesn’t want to happen, but they are required in order to prepare mankind for His coming and rule. He abhors pain and suffering for His children. It is another crucifixion for Him, and even worse because so many souls will perish.

“This is why we must keep the river of mercy and truth flowing. You are now in those times where Satan has the power to stop the flow of relevant information to the people who need it most. Pray that people will no longer be ignorant of what is taking place, pray that they will wake up and see what is being done to them. Without a voice of resistance, they will easily subdue the masses.

“Of course, there is a resistance that has formed, but without the voice of the people it will meet with great opposition. People love their comforts and have no idea that a prison cell, or even worse, is awaiting them. It will take much to wake them up, Clare, and many will fall under the spell of the evil ones.

“All of this has been prepared carefully, with carefully laid groundwork by lulling the people to sleep with their toys. They have lost sight of their freedoms because they are so focused on their toys. They offer no resistance for as long as they can still have their accustomed comforts. You see, this was very cleverly planned decades ago. Now the dark ones rejoice, for they think their day has come, and in truth it has, but oh what tragedy for humanity, what a time of unequalled suffering! And what will they give for their comforts? Their souls? Yes, tragically, they will.

“But others will wake up and hear the voice crying out in the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord. Yes, you are all voices in the wilderness, offering supplication, tears, and many prayers that people should awaken before it is too late. And it is true, the hour is very late and many still sleep. Your roles are oh so very important because you are His voices… let this voice go out far and wide to awaken souls. Let your prayers rend the heavens for what is yet to transpire on Earth.

“There is no easy way to cleanse the toxic trash that litters the minds of every American, that holds sway over your judicial system and has made America a hideously deformed entity. Yet the seeds of her destruction were sown alongside good seeds. Now the harvest is ripe, and it is time to separate the poisonous tares from the nourishing wheat, but oh, how great the cost will be… Almost total annihilation of your nation.

“Yet there is hope, because when He returns, all citizens of the Earth will receive what they have sown. The evil will be purged, the good will be nourished and rise up to build a holy edifice, holy and pure all the way through. The halls of justice will no longer be corrupt, the lame and poor will be healed and taught, have-nots will be given abundant provision from the haves, truth and justice will flourish, and man’s conscience will no longer be seared shut by the fires of greed.

“This is the season you are in, Heartdwellers, this is the time of preparation, and it is very messy. But I want all of you to hold onto the hope that, in the end, Jesus will triumph and institute His government, for it will rest upon His shoulders, and none shall suffer from corruption any longer.


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