Forget Time and get to work, until I come



March 8, 2016 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) The Lord bless you, Heartdwellers. We have a wonderfully freeing message tonight from the Lord. I’m very excited to share it with you.

Jesus actually encouraged me to work with music, and I didn’t think I’d ever get to work with music again on this side of Heaven. Not to neglect you, but rather in addition to that, by using my time in a better way.

He’s also mentioned doing a portrait of Him and I was thinking of these two things, as He was talking to me. And I thought… ‘Lord, these are not overnight assignments. What’s going on here?’ And I had this sense of freedom, like a wall that was moving towards me, was taken away. And all of a sudden, the vista was clear and I could see for miles. The sun was shining. It was just a very strange feeling. I said… ‘Lord, why am I feeling this way, like we have 2 more years or something? Why am I feeling this way? Just all of a sudden, I feel such a freedom!’

(Jesus) “Rest in the Peace I give you.”

(Clare) Oh, Jesus, I want to proclaim Your Love through every medium available to me, so that others truly can fall in love with You! I want to do a portrait of You, one that will have it all and really grab the hearts of the people. (Jesus) “You know I can use a rock to do that. It depends on the anointing and many images of Me are anointed. Did I not say to be busy about My business when I come? I would love to see you in the middle of a portrait of Me when I come… or preferably at the end.”

(Clare) But there is no time?

(Jesus) “What is time to Me? I have been shaking everyone out of their complacency so they would begin operating at a higher level. I have been squeezing the work out of people and bringing them to new levels of achievement. Now I want them to operate at those levels without an eye on the clock. Without the stress of time, but freely accomplish all their hearts desire.

“Some will not like this and take exception to it, but facts are facts, and I haven’t come yet. And you are being stirred up to produce more. I will come when I come, but you will be operating at optimum levels – that’s what I am doing with My Body.

“My People and My Bride have been asleep in the arms of the world. I have shown you your end, you have rallied and now are in a position to accomplish much more for Me. Don’t stop now, you are bringing forth copious fruit. When the events unfold, it will ratchet up some into overdrive and right off the charts of accomplishing My will.

“But for now, I have raised you all up to a level of productivity that you have never known, and that is as it should be. You have all seriously contemplated your end, be it death or translation into Heaven, but ultimately face to face with Me.

“A lot can happen in one day. You do not have endless generations to destroy the Earth and one another. My judgment is coming quickly, but until then, pick up your cross and follow Me.

“Create freely now and without constraints of time. Yes, time is short, but you can make the best of what you have now as though you had more time. Time is an illusion, Clare, and it is totally in My Hands. I am not changing anything, but I have been squeezing you to reach higher and higher. I have used the coming events to do it.

“Now I want you to move forward without fear of time. Do what is in your heart, keep your eyes and heart on Me, and time will pass swiftly. It is not My heart or My will for you to be under the yoke of time. Rather I want you to live, serve and create freely without this eroding fear constantly nipping at your heels. What you begin, I will finish…either here on Earth or in Heaven. In other words, follow your inspirations, follow them with love and passion not looking for barking, snapping little dogs biting at your heels, and reminding you of the time that is short.


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