Ready for the Rapture



Focus on the Third to the Sixth minute of the video for the Almighty Father’s message.

(01) Think and think again, are we best friends?

(02) You say you love Me, but then you snub Me.

(03) You heart is far from the truth; it does not even look to find the proof.

(04) You wait for the gold and the silver to once again glitter, but what is your true motive . . .

(05) Is it a selfish habit?

(06) When you accept Christ as your savior, did it change your behavior?

(07) Or are still wrapped up in the world and are you spoiled?

(08) Do you know why you keep waiting for the Rapture?

(09) Being left behind will be a disaster.

(10) And since you have not yet laid down your life, you are like the virgin who did not have her light and would have to walk in the dark of the night.

(11) I tell you these things because I love you so very much and do not want you to fuss.

(12) You need to know about true love and receive the Dove, so you can walk in the power and the fire and not be left behind the virgin who had the oil in her lamp and who was ready and did not take the chance because she might fall.

(13) Make sure you are not like the foolish persons who think they have all the time in the world to make the choice to heed the call.

(14) What is most important to you: is it this life or have you become brand new?

(15) Time to enter the kingdom; that is true wisdom.

(16) Prepare because the seals are opening, and you need not to be moping.

(17) Be ready and diligent for you will never know when the trumpet will sound.

(18) And you do not want to be left standing around.


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