Review of Father Rodrigue’s Prophecies



But now that Russia has invaded Ukraine and there is serious talk about a wider conflict in Europe, not to mention Vladimir Putin’s open talk of using nuclear weapons to defend Russia, we thought it would be timely to review Father Rodrigue’s prophecies.

The following messages are summarized for expediency and not exact quotes from Fr. Michel Rodrigue.

In what was called Father Rodrigue’s last message for the world, he said St. Joseph, the Restrainer, would be pulled back from his role as protector, after December 8, 2021, the end of the Year of St. Joseph.

Nevertheless, he will always be there for us. He always has been and always will be the Patron of the Universal Church, the Terror of Demons. Nevertheless, this message implies that the Year of St. Joseph entailed a special outpouring of his protection on the Church.

People are worried about Pachamama, but a much greater threat to the Church will come from the German clergy.

There will be political collapse.

There will be a Warning where the whole world will see Jesus on the Cross in the sky with rays coming from His sacred wounds.


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