Part of America Will Disappear



Gisella Cardia

End Times


Children, brothers, the Father’s love is infinite, he gave the life of his Son for your salvation, he gave what he had most precious to save you all. [I, Jesus], took all your sins upon me and overcame death by dying. Children, look at My arms open on this cross, it is not the nails that keep Me nailed to the tree, but the great love for souls. It is for you that I accepted death, death on the cross for each of you I accepted insults, spit, scourging, death. I accepted everything out of the enormous love that I have for each of you to save you all. I have given myself completely for you, to the point of becoming obedient to the point of death. I have given myself to you as bread, to be always among you submissive and obedient, I accepted the cross and being bread in your hands to satisfy you, to be a part of you. For you, beloved children, I am constantly offering myself on the altars every day, for you, My friends, I am still giving myself, for you, out of immense love, and I am waiting for you with open arms. I give you My holy blessing: in the Name of God the Father, in the Name of God the Son, in the Name of God the Holy Spirit. Amen. [Your Jesus].


. . . Though in America it seems more important to sit another Pro-Choice Judge in the Supreme Court, when Heaven is reiterating abortion is the worst abomination for the Almighty Father.

. . . Does America enjoy CHASTISEMENT? It might come severely to turn America from Satan — the biggest loser humanity has known — to God.

. . . The stakes are very high. Turn proactively around America before the Almighty will intervene to purify us.

. . . Holy Spirit, pour the gift of Discernment over America.


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