Like a Weather Balloon



Focus on the First to the Fourth minute of the video for the Holy Spirit’s message.

(01) Like a weather balloon we are full of hot air causing others to despair.

(02) We live from day to day full of dismay and we do not care about someone’s feelings.

(03) All we want to do is to disbelieve them.

(04) We never take time to study things out and would rather live in doubt.

(05) All we do is to look for fault . . . we look for their demise.

(06) We think we are listening to the [Holy] Spirit.

(07) We never hear Him for love is not the reason we exist.

(08) Filled with misery and the putting down others, we do not act like sister or brother.

(09) We think we have it all together, we release the hot air in all kinds of weather.

(10) We never know what means to forgive and flunk every quiz.

(11) We cannot just look and see the beauty, and think criticism is our duty.

(12) Condemnation does not come from above and it surely does not come from the dove.

(13) It is time we walk in true love that comes from above.

(14) We may be wrong and should sing a different song.

(15) Focus on the spirit, so all can hear Him, and preach His love to the world.

(16) True love never fails and sees no evil.

(17) The Father sent His Son so we all could be one.

(18) His mission is done when we truly are one.

(19) Becoming the Body of Christ with only the Messiah’s advice.

(20) It is His sacrifice!


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