Disputing Your Anxiety


Keep your preferences to do well, to be approved by others, to be comfortable, and to be free of accidents and ailments, but refrain to escalate your preferences to demands, because imperatives become Irrational Beliefs.

The realistic method is basic to Disputing your Irrational Beliefs because they oppose social reality. “Why must my beloved absolutely love me?” Is it realistic to assume she absolutely must love me? Your beloved has the choice of loving or not loving you, and he may not love you.

You are automatically frustrated whenever you want something, and you do not get it. You cannot assume you must absolutely get it. “Why must he absolutely care for me and continue and continue to love me forever just because I love him very much?’ It would be highly preferable if le loved you, but he may not care for you. This is an example of the logical method of Disputing Irrational Beliefs.

You take one or more of your Irrational Beliefs: “Where will this Irrational Belief lead me if I keep holding to it? Will it make me happy or miserable? You use the practical method of Disputing Irrational Beliefs and begin to see you should dissipate the belief. You will then presumably change it for a Rational Belief.

Use steadily the three methods of Disputing your Irrational Beliefs: realistic, logical and practical.


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