Positive Visualization and Modeling


Miss Smith used Positive Visualization to cope with her public speaking anxiety, she disputed her Irrational Beliefs to develop an Effective New Philosophy and used Positive Visualization to strengthen her conclusions. It consists of imagining something that frequently makes you anxious and picturing yourself facing it very well without becoming upset.

Miss Smith first envisioned herself talking without anxiety to an audience. Repeated Positive Visualization and continued Disputing her Irrational Beliefs about the horror of a poor presentation, Miss Smith managed her first public presentation with a minimum of anxiety.

You can also use Positive Visualization to dissipate your anxiety about something, such as a job interview or studying for a test and imagine doing it with little anxiety. Positive Visualization plus Disputing Irrational Beliefs can considerably reduce anxiety.

Modeling yourself after people who are not anxious in critical situations is a good method to control anxiety. Talk to people you know about how they managed to control anxiety, people who did something specific to dissipate their anxiety and check if you can use their methodology.


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