A Private Message from The Almighty Father



(01) When the crash fully manifests, lives will truly change forever!

(02) It is a time of prosperity for my people.

(03) Gold will skyrocket up . . . ‘off the charts!’

(04) Silver will be the new item of economic security and will open a new door of luxury

for those who have obtained this precious metal.

(05) While the woes fall upon the Earth, my people will gather together like ants

to build beautiful sanctuaries that will be needed

when the tide turns into waves of poverty across the world.

(06) Crops will fail from rain fall and temperatures that will vary so drastically.

(07) Children who listen will be blessed and will have a few years to build places of safety.

(08) Evil is looking to take over and chaos will be here to stay.

(09) You my love will continue to preach my gospel to the world as my people.

(10) The world will suffer as it falls apart, and poverty will be a real issue.

(11) This economic blowup that is upon you will begin,

this rollercoaster heading downward

and those who are in it do not know what to do to fix it.

(12) The only solution is for my people who have prepared for this day,

when food will be scarce, and inflation will be off the charts too.

(13) This is the time now to prepare, do not forget, because your blessings from the gold

and the silver are to be ready for this day, when the Earth will be hurting


(14) The fourth seal will be open and will be another step in getting closer to my

Son’s return and of course the gathering up to meet him as his bride.

(15) And the return of both of you to rule and reign on the Earth.

(16) My blessings will be with you through it all.

(17) And you will gather my remnant together into these arcs of safety for

the final countdown on the Earth when all hell will break loose.

(18) And I will come after.

(19) I know it all sounds very scary and hard to believe.

(20) But get ready for you are here my love.

(21) And all I have spoken is finally about to manifest itself.

(22) I love you, your Father who are in Heaven.


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