Self-Harm: Relief Attempt from Emotional Distress 


Relieve Emotional Pain Without Hurting Yourself


We’re going to talk about something in this episode that’s really dear and near to my heart because I see so many people suffering. Relieving emotional pain is so important for people to feel better so they can stop self-harm.

When they’re suffering so intensely sometimes, they decide to hurt themselves. They do something that brings them to the present moment – some tangible pain because the other pain, that emotional pain that they’re feeling is so overwhelming, they need to do something about it to relieve the emotional pain.

They need to take some kind of action to ground them into the present moment into reality because they’re so up in their head, overwhelmed by the anxiety, stress and the sadness – the deep desperate sadness that they’re feeling, so they hurt themselves in some physical way.

There are many other things that can take you out of your head, stop self-harm, and bring you into the physical. I’m going to share something very simple in this episode that you can do. It’s going to put you in the present moment, ground you, and help you feel so much better.


Emotional distress is a state of mental anguish that can take a wide variety of forms. It may result from a mental health issue or particular circumstances, such as relationship difficulties or financial strain.

While it seems counterintuitive, self-harm is an attempt to find relief from emotional distress. This explains why it’s labeled as a nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI.) Types of injury can include skin cutting, head banging or hitting, burning, drinking harmful substances or putting harmful items into body openings.


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