A Rain of Fire


A Message from The Archangel Michael to Shelley Anna

April 6, 2023


After the dream I received this message from The Archangel Michael.

Beloved People of God

Safeguard your souls within the impenetrable boundaries of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart, where there is no shadow, but only light.

blackness will cover the moon causing it not to complete its cycle in its appointed time.

rain of fire is coming that will alter the unbelievers and the wicked at heart. Death will flee from them. Remain indoors, acknowledging your Guardian Angels who will protect you.

Let the blessed candles be lit, and pray Our Blessed Mother’s Rosary of Light. A most powerful weapon against the evils that saturate the darkness. Keep with you always the blessed sacramentals that strengthen your faith and complete your armor.

Beloved People of God

Now is the time to shield yourselves with the armor of God, welding your spiritual weapons in prayerful hands. Let your prayers be without ceasing! As you enter into the time of the tribulation, where darkness descends.

With my sword unsheathed, I stand ready with multitudes of angels to defend you from the wickedness and snares of the devil who’s days are few in number. Thus said your Watchful Defender.


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