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China Provokes USA

    ______________________________________________________________   China provokes the United States confronting a U.S. warship in the Southern China Sea.  This is breaking news and the confrontation constitutes an extreme aggressive overture threatening the US NAVY. The event has a sinister backdrop … Continue reading

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Igrejas Subterrâneas na China

  Por que há Piedade contagiosa nas igrejas subterrâneas na China e Apostasia generalizada no mundo livre? Há orgulho abundante no Ocidente e Humildade profunda Humildade nessas igrejas.  Pobreza de Espírito e Pobres de Espírito significam: 1. Uma compreensão radical da … Continue reading

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Underground Churches in China

  Why there is contagious Piety on underground churches in China and pervasive Apostasy in the free world?  There’s abundant Pride in the West and deep Humility in those churches.  Poverty in Spirit and Poor in Spirit mean: A radical understanding … Continue reading

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