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The Greatest Debate

______________________________________________________________ Some Facebook sites akin to “Pro-life vs Pro-choice debate” strive to brainwash people to Pro-choice. The sites should remove “Pro-life” from their titles to offer a realistic representation to the typical reader. The Pro-choice debaters will face soon their … Continue reading

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New York’s Moral Chaos

______________________________________________________________       LifeNews.com    Steven Ertelt   Mar 25, 2015   |   5:05PM    Albany, NY   ______________________________________________________________   The New York state Assembly proved that promoting the best interest of women apparently includes pushing late-term abortions. … Continue reading

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Message to Americans

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   END TIMES DAILY St Michael Archangel – Message to the People of the United States of America May 1, 2020   I am Michael the Archangel, the Defender of the Faith of your Lord and … Continue reading

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True or False

___________________________________________   I received this article from Australia on May 4, 2020. Is the sender trying to tease me, because I live in Providence, Rhode Island? I got the chills because God is now judging humanity, and He may order … Continue reading

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Letter from God

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________   A magnificent letter of the Almighty Father! “I was with you when you were conceived and were born,” said the Almighty Father.  How does He feel “when you were conceived, but other children of His … Continue reading

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Schumer vs God

______________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________     Minority Leader Senator Schumer defied God, but ironically Schumer may energize Pro-Life forces.  God may use evil to reach His goals. Pray for Schumer’s repentance and Pro-Life victory.   ______________________________________________________________

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Beware Australia

______________________________________________________________       The catastrophic Australian bushfires that started in September 2019, have killed at least 26 people, destroyed more than 2,000 homes and scorched some eight million hectares (80,000 square kilometers) — an area the size of Ireland. … Continue reading

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