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Rosja kontra Ukraina Wojna

________________________________________________________________ „Módlcie się, moje ukochane dzieci, bo teraz wszystko wisi na włosku. Módlcie się o poświęcenie Rosji Niepokalanemu Sercu Maryi, bo nadszedł czas, aby dzieci świata zwróciły się do Maryi, Matki Łaski Bożej. Módlcie się, aby Rosja wysłuchała ludu Bożego … Continue reading

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Война России против Украины

_______________________________________________________________ «Молитесь, мои возлюбленные дети, потому что сейчас все висит на волоске. Молитесь о Посвящении России Непорочному Сердцу Марии, ибо пора детям мира обратиться к Марии, Матери Божественной Благодати. Молитесь, чтобы Россия услышала народ Божий – этих людей, которые сейчас … Continue reading

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Poland-Belarus Border Crisis

______________________________________________________________ A “Hybrid War” Is destabilizing Europe ______________________________________________________________ The European Union says it is being destabilized. The bloc claims Russia & Belarus have weaponized 2,000 migrants. Poland has stationed 15,000 troops to protect its borders. Will 2,000 migrants fleeing war … Continue reading

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Prepare! War Is Looming.

______________________________________________________________ Russia is looking to take over the Ukraine China is preparing to conquer Taiwan Urgent message given by Jesus Christ to John Leary ______________________________________________________________

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Israeli Wars

________________________________________________________________ Israel is now fighting the PSALM 83 WAR. Click on the following link to retrieve the “PSALM 83 Package” PSALM 83 Package | Manuel Silveira (meditationsoncatholicism.blog) ________________________________________________________________ The war of Gog and Magog will ensue after the PSALM 83 … Continue reading

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Adios Maduro

_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Hoy 13 Diciembre 2020. Adios Trump pero primero adios Maduro. Trump antes de su partida puede sacar a Maduro de Venezuela. Este es un analisis de opinion sobre lo que sucede hoy en Venezuela y su relacion con … Continue reading

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Rebellious Sheep

________________________________________________________________ Message to Enoch, 07-09-20 War will extinguish the voice of a third of humanity. “Sheep of my Flock, my Peace be with you. Flock of mine, everything is being fulfilled as it is written, what comes out of my … Continue reading

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Message of Our Lady of Guadalupe

  This is a message of Our Lady of Guadalupe given on the apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine, Ohio, USA, on December 12, 2017. ______________________________________________________________ “Praise be to Jesus.” “I am here as promised. These are tenuous times. … Continue reading

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Trump Military Quagmire

  I have gained some experience about Communism in the aftermath of the 1974 Portuguese Revolution, when I was a young officer in the Portuguese Air Force. “Communists generally overlook means to attain goals,” epitomizes my communist experience. President Xi-Jinping of Communist … Continue reading

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Endangered World

  MESSAGE OF CHRIST TO WILLIAM COSTELLIA ON APRIL 02, 2017 OUR LORD: “Peace be to you, My son! I have come to console you and those whom you love. You have gone through many trials this week and in … Continue reading

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