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The massacre in an elementary school in Newtown, CT, USA, on Friday, December 14, 2012, made international news and caused grief worldwide. The death of 20 children, ages 6 and 7, has caused great sorrow expressed in candlelight vigils and interfaith religious services in the US. The criminal, 20, a graduate of the school, also gunned down six staff members heralded heroes, because they died to save children.

Detectives have attained unsatisfactory results about the root causes of the slaughter … Pundits of several stripes, including law enforcement, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, politics and religion, have discussed on national television the criminal motivation of the slaughter, but their explanations have been incomplete and fragmentary.

Some contemporary cultures opine that “The Right to Bear Arms,” the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, is the root cause of the carnage, and the Amendment has survived its purpose after the civilization of the Old Wild West. In such cultures, only the military, law enforcement, and registered users have the right to bear firearms. The Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights enacted on December 15, 1791.

The national media has reported gun control and psychiatric treatment of potential massacre perpetrators as the main measures to avert future carnage. Ironically, gun sales in America have climbed in the aftermath of carnage and our society is somewhat insensitive to mental patients. The lack of counseling and psychiatric resources, a generalized opinion among mental health professionals, attests to such insensitivity.

I was impressed with national television’s suggestion of a ban on video games and movies of violence content. Such games are popular among adult children and adolescents, and movies depicting extreme violence generally attract large audiences. We live in a culture that glorifies violence but detests heinous crimes … I also decry war toys, such as tanks and battleships.

I believe that illicit drugs may also lead to carnage. The drugs can impair reasoning, damage the body, and may lead to weapon use, and crime. Many persons take drugs because of addiction or peer pressure. The nation is fighting a drug war primarily through law enforcement, a strategy effective on drug supply, though I advocate a strategy effective on drug demand through education in elementary and high schools combined with stiff penalties to drug retailers around schools.

The media has not linked the expulsion of God from public schools as a fundamental cause of the increase of violence in schools, including massacres. Social scientists should conduct experiments to test the connection. Public schools and religion were intertwined in early America. However, in 1962, the Supreme Court ruled it “unconstitutional” for prayers to be said in the public school system, and in 1963, the Court also ruled Bible’s use “unconstitutional”. The Ten Commandments and anything “religious,” followed suit. The deciding basis has been the “separation of Church and State”. The Supreme Court rolled a red carpet that Satan and his disciples walked over, when the Court expelled God from public schools.

God is the Creator and controller of the universe. He is eternal, benevolent, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.  God is the sublime source of ethics, and the giver of Grace, including the Faith to believe in His existence, infinite love and happiness.

Satan is the main angel rebelling against God and originating all evil in the world.  He  wants to transform Earth into Hell and rejoices over war, carnage, child sex trafficking, torture and murder.  He is the main source of evil and seeks our damnation.

God created man and gave him freedom to choose between His Creator and Satan — Heaven and Hell.  Whom are you following — God or Satan — and where do you want to live afterlife — Heaven or Hell?

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  1. May God bless his children in Heaven …Amen …

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