Dialogue with the Holy Spirit



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I left Saint Pius V Church in awe, jubilation and inspiration after Saint Dominic’s feast on August 8, 2012.

“Manuel, many faithful were in the church, but the Man Thirsty for God elected you for Eucharistic guidance. I want you to draw people to Me. The Holy Trinity is grooming you through Suffering  for a noble mission in the Roman Catholic Church.

Pursue Sciences of God, because the Sciences of Man strengthen your intellect in this transitory world, rather the Sciences of God give you eternal wisdom. When you study Sciences of God, I give you continual feedback and Grace. Continue to listen to the Dominicans, because they are sharp of tongue and intellect, and participate in the Eucharist.

Manuel, I am the Holy Spirit and I had told you ‘your suffering is your treasure’. God wants to forge an alliance with you that Satan won’t dare to challenge.  Surrender to Me and I will guide you in your mission.”

I surrender to Thy Holy Spirit!



Sir, I am nothing
Why have you called me?
You have passed through my door
and you know well that I am poor and I am weak
Why did you notice me?

You have seduced me, Lord
with your look!
You have spoken to my heart
and you have loved me
It is impossible to know you and not love you.
It is impossible to love you and not follow you.
You have seduced me, Lord!

Lord, I want to follow you,
give you everything you ask,
There are times I have trouble giving it to you,
You know, I am yours.
My side always walks.

Sir, your name attracts me.
They are not just words, if I say it;
although there are days that I do not see your light,
You are in my silence.
You love me as your friend.


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  1. Let the Almighty lead me always.

  2. gil says:

    Are you sick brother?

  3. Please, do not judge a book by the cover, brother …

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