Pro-Life Trial


“It is not civil disobedience, but it is rather a case of trespassing,” announced the presumably pro-life judge on his open statement to a group of about seventy five pro-lifers who had protested on the Planned Parenthood clinic in Providence, RI. The demonstration had made the front page of the Providence Journal, and my stepfather, who was among the demonstrators, had asked me to accompany him to court.

There were three protagonists in the trial: the judge, a clinic supervisor, and a zealous female pro-lifer who knew the supervisor and her family.

“She has surely aborted at least once, because otherwise she would not be employed at the clinic. She has a luxury car, dresses expensive attires, but she is sad and suffers from insomnia,” declared the zealot. “The mother, a devout Catholic, is so sad about the abortion activities that, in weeping eyes, she constantly implores God for the conversion of her daughter.” I was shocked, because after the supervisor’s testimony, the magistrate ordered her in a clear and unequivocal language: “you can return to work.”

“You will be held in contempt of court,” the judge scolded a few times the defendants, who were from all ages and walks of life. “You must keep the peace till the law is changed,” pathetically declared the judge. I had wished to give him a piece of my mind. Your Honor, if Americans had followed your advice America would still live in slavery … The supreme judge may scold you on your day of reckoning: “you have associated yourself with the murderers of my innocent, defenseless children … Go to Hell.”

Each protester was found guilty and fined $100, and I knew later that the clinic supervisor had died of cancer after receiving the Catholic Last Rites, the sacraments of Penance, Anointing of the Sick and Eucharist.  God certainly listened to the prayers of the clinic supervisor’s mother for her daughter’s conversion!

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6 Responses to Pro-Life Trial

  1. Peggy Llindenthaler says:

    I want to be physically ill when I hear of things like this happening. May God have mercy on them, and on the judge especially for what he has done. I wish there was something I could do to help those poor innocent babies!

    • Pray to the Virgin Mary to remove from office the politicians that don’t give a damn about the right to life of the unborn and rather allow them to be brutally and cowardly sacrificed on the altar of political ambition.

      • Pray that the Clinic Supervisor had true repentance, otherwise the Sacraments would be of no value to them, in fact the reception of the Sacraments without true repentance further condemns them.

        May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        Yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
        Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  2. If we want to be like Jesus then love the unloveable, forgive the unworthy and do good to those that cannot repay you.

    • Yes beloved nurses! If we removed from office the pro-choice politicians we may actually love and forgive them because we would prevent them to carry a heavier load to the other side.
      Believe it or not? Blessings!

  3. helen silgas says:

    The prince of darkness who has so long bent the powers of his mastermind to the work of deception, skillfully adapts his temptation to men of all classes and conditions.
    WE need to humble ourselves before the LORD in fasting and prayer and to meditate upon His word especially on final judgment …

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