Saint Leopoldina Pereira


My friend Leopoldina Pereira had lived across my previous home in Carreira, Castelo Branco, Faial, Azores. She is an unknown saint to whom I often invoke her protection. I went purposely to the Azores to visit Leopoldina on December 31, 1987, because she wished to see me before she died. We corresponded assiduously till she moved to a retiring facility in Horta, Faial.

The saint had a life of Suffering. Single, poor, ill and lonely, the elderly participated daily in the Eucharist and listened silently to the Holy Spirit in her soul. He often communicates with Christians, but they do not pay much attention because of the noise of the world.  My friend excelled in all Heavenly Virtues, and HUMILITY was the jewel.

I implore Saint Leopoldina to protect the AZOREANS so that they may listen to the Spirit of God to prepare them remotely for Christ’s Second Coming in The End Times.

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  1. paul petit says:

    You never cease to amaze me!
    You live, and continue to live a very interesting and eventful life.

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