Service Charisms


The Holy Spirit gives various charisms to Christ’s disciples to serve the Church. The abilities are simple, but are essential to successfu parish operation. The main charisms are: help, hospitality, giving, administration, service and mercy.  They seem insignificant relative to the Nine Charismas, but service gifts are fundamental to Christian life.

Help is a supportive charism, joyful and productive, to enable brethren to serve God effectively. Hospitality is a warm welcome to our neighbors, particularly in need, with an open house, and to communicate to them the love of Jesus, which brings refreshment, comfort and rest. Giving is sharing cheerfully one’s goods with people. Administration is the planning and organization ability to assist others in the completion of tasks or projects. Service is the charism to carry the tasks of our neighbor without reward. Mercy is the ability to be compassionate in emotion and action to the needy.

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