Development of Charismatic Wisdom



“Your suffering is your treasure” and “we are wind turbines and the Holy Spirit is the wind” are words of Sanctifying Wisdom in the article Interaction with the Holy Spirit.

“The Gift of Wisdom allows us to place the world in a divine perspective, and realize our neighbor is our brother and a child of God.” Wisdom makes us responsive to the Holy Spirit in divine and material contemplation and in the use of divine ideas and standards. Wisdom can help us to endure life burdens and practice charity.

”The Holy Trinity is grooming you through Suffering for a noble mission in the Roman Catholic Church” and “surrender to Me and I will guide you in your mission” are words of Charismatic Wisdom in the article Dialogue with the Holy Spirit.

Words of Wisdom are timely, directive, knowledgeable, and allow the Holy Spirit to oversee people and events to meet His purposes.


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