ECCE HOMO is the Latin expression Pontius Pilate used to present Christ, scourged, bound, and crowned with thorns, to a hostile crowd. “So, Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple coat. And Pilate said to the crowd ‘Behold the man!’’’ (John 19:5). The scene is depicted in Christian art and is sharply conveyed in Imagem de Santo Cristo dos Milagres. The Portuguese expression means Image of Holy Christ of Miracles.

“Pilate asked Jesus, ‘Are you the king of the Jews?’ He replied, ‘You say so’’’ (Luke 23:3).  The Jews mocked the Redeemer, but the AZOREANS adore Him as the King of Kings and the Ruler of Rulers, who will judge all authorities of Earth from the beginning until The End Times.

“[Even] Herod and his soldiers treated him contemptuously and mocked him, and after clothing him in resplendent garb he sent him back to Pilate” (Luke 23:11).  The AZOREANS dressed Christ majestically with multiple layers decorated with gold, silver and jewels.

Crowds throughout the centuries have adored Christ and honored his Passion kneeling and praying before the image.

“Pilate addressed them a third time, ‘What evil has this man done? I found him guilty of no capital crime. Therefore, I shall him flogged and then release him.’ With loud shouts, however they persisted in calling for his crucifixion, and their voices prevailed.” (Luke 23:22-23)


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    Wonderful post, dear Manuel!! God bless…

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