Hope is the theological virtue by which we seek heaven, place our trust in Christ’s promises, and rely on the Holy Spirit. Through Him, we have “become heirs in hope of eternal life” (Titus 3:6-7). Hope responds to man’s search for happiness placed into man’s heart for hope sustains man, frees him from discouragement, preserves him from selfishness, and leads to happiness on earth and in heaven.

Jesus revealed hope in the beatitudes, proclaiming that those who suffer on earth are blessed in heaven. This hope “does not disappoint” (Romans 5:5), because Jesus advanced “as a forerunner on our behalf” (Hebrews 6:19-20), and we hope to persevere “to the end” (Matthew 10:22) to gain heaven.

Hope, firmly founded in God, is necessary to salvation. God promised us the means of salvation, but we often do not use the Grace of the Holy Spirit. Hope is the anchor of the soul received in the sacrament of Baptism, and is expressed and strengthened in prayer. “Thy kingdom come” is part of the Lord’s Prayer.

Faith is the perfection of the intellect, and hope is the perfection of the will. This virtue is a desire of God, the final object of hope, and all means that help us grow in sanctification are intermediate objects of hope.

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